Internship application in the Collection department

Thank you for the opportunity.

As I mentioned in my email, I would be interested in a position during the summer months, as my availability of the Design Academy permits for the months of July and August.

In recent months, it has come to my attention the velocity at which fashion is able to transverse world events and make a comment on them, through a textile language, visually rich and fashion, being an entity able to speak freely about the hot topics, either in politics, gender,

In previous work experiences, I have worked under the lead of up and coming designers from my home country, Mexico, ranging from fashion and jewelry to homeware, enabling me to understand the gestures and communication that is used in order to gain mainstream attention. Where it is important to emphasize, that as an allround designer I strive to be involved in solution-driven projects.

During my current studies, I have put into practice new techniques of display and communication, thinking upon the technologies available to us as aspiring practitioners in the field of exhibition making, grounded in storytelling and the contextual aspects of the subject matters addressed.

More recently, I had the opportunity to work during Dutch Design Week as part of the onsite team of G18 – the graduation show of Design Academy. Also, acted as communications associate for Geo-Design exhibition which took place at Salone del Mobile in Milan, being responsible of leading curated tours to press visits and selected guests.

With this said, I would be pleased that you would consider me for an intership position in the Collections department, as I seek to broaden my experience within an institutional framework. Below you will find my resume among other relevant information.